Applied Research

Applied Research leading to technology development

From fundamental research to applied research, we focus on how the basic understanding of materials, processes and tools that we develop can be directly utilized in real world applications at the lab scale. For this, we investigate the application of processed waste in special concretes for 3D printing, precast products and pavements. This would also enable us to showcase how low-carbon concrete structures is performing.


As pioneers of adapting/bringing 3D printing technology in construction industry in India, one of our focus is also to develop technologies to print reinforced concrete. So far, 3D printed concrete are without any reinforcements which limits its application in wider applications. 


We aim to develop softwares and tools that can estimate service life for durability-based design of structure and materials. A whole framework of low-cost, lighter, ready to use analytical tools and dashboards to minimize waste from construction processes and practices would also be associated with this. As we know, one of the major solutions to make construction industry is to optimize the design of the construction material and practices involved.