Prof. Ruoyu (Roy) Jin

Associate Professor

London South Bank University

I currently work as an Associate Professor in Construction Management, from School of Built Environment and Architecture at London South Bank University. I specialise in Building Information Modelling (BIM) pedagogy, construction safety education, construction waste management especially recycled aggregate concrete, and integrating Circular Economy into digital manufacturing for construction. I teach in the modules of construction materials and technology, construction project management, digital construction, and research methodology.

With professional experience in both civil engineering technologies and construction management, I am highly motivated to link technological development in built environment (e.g., digitalisation in construction) into the managerial aspect, such as multi-stakeholder perceptions towards digitalisation in a socio-technical approach. In recent years, I have been working on multiple research projects with funding sources from Royal Society, British Council, Innovate UK, and overseas funding schemes. These projects are related to: (1) Industry 4.0-driven digital transformation incorporated in joint curriculum development for international collaboration; (2) embedding circularity into digital manufacturing by utilising construction & demolition waste sources; and (3) digital technologies & machine learning to enhancing construction employees’ safety education. Since obtaining my PhD specialising in Construction Management at The Ohio State University in 2013, I have been carrying on the educational work of digital construction focusing on BIM, and continuing the educational research of BIM in collaborating with international partners in embedding BIM in the curriculum of construction management. The BIM pedagogical studies will maintain the cycle of research-informed teaching and teaching-informed research.

I also serve as a peer reviewer for more than 10 international journals in the field of built environment and construction engineering, reviewer for multiple funding agencies both in the UK and overseas, and examiner for PhD candidates. I am also an associate editor for ICE’s International Journal Management, Procurement and Law.